Anger / Angry / Frustration / Irritation


‘It’s not fair or right’ mentality, things should have happened differently, hurt by someone/something, scared, vulnerable, invaded, violated, alone, lost, confused, unprotected, pushing away to protect, resisting perceived lack of love, support and/or security.

CALM CURE THOUGHT : I am safe and surrendered to life’s lessons. 

(Think this 'Calm Cure Thought' whenever you remember throughout your day and/or use it during your daily CALM meditation practice. It can help you begin to cultivate a healthier mindset.)


UNDERSTANDING ANGER : Anger is a secondary emotion, which means, you don't tend to feel angry unless there are primary emotions present. These primary emotions are usually hidden under the anger and are often feelings of hurt, sadness or fear. Anger is therefore a protective strategy to push away what’s hurt you, made you feel sad or scared. Anger also requires a resistance to what’s happened due to a belief that things should have happened differently (i.e. the way you think it 'should'). 

To heal anger, don't let the angry feelings distract you from the underlying primary emotions of hurt, sad or scared. To resolve anger you want to explore how else the person, event or thing has made you feel. When you resolve the hurt, sadness or fear, then there will be no need to be angry any more. Yes, you might not agree with what's happened, but you will find you can remain calm and take whatever action is required.

For guidance on healing hurt, sadness or fear, search for these emotions in the online directory. 



From the above list, what common cause(s) feel most true for you? Sandy believes it is possible to heal a multitude of health conditions by bringing calm to where there's been inner conflict. You can do this by healing the parts of your mind that are causing you to live in a state of physical stress and emotional unease. So if you've found any mind-based causes that resonate with you, it can be highly beneficial to resolve them as part of a holistic health strategy.

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