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Wisdom Made Mobile

Get anytime access to online meditations, courses and life mentoring led by bestselling author and monk Sandy C. Newbigging.



Problem-full to Peaceful...

I've been there and got the torn t-shirt to prove it. I've overcome my own problems, including being bullied, suffering from an eating disorder and insomnia, repeated heartbreak and struggling to be a success with dyslexia. I’ve felt super low, anxious and sick, super stressed, stuck and unsuccessful. I’m not preaching from the sidelines as I’ve detoxed my mind, meditated for thousands of hours and even become a monk.

During my journey I've discovered peace is possible and the solution to all problems. I’ve now committed my life to sharing the power of peace with you…

This is why I created the Calm Clan - an online resource and community that is dedicated to helping people overcome anxiety, insomnia and health conditions, improve relationships, stress less, explore spirituality, enjoy inner calm and live a life that they love.

I’ve grown to become a multi best selling author and have 12 books published in multiple languages. My work has been featured on TV internationally and during the past 15 years I've created the Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure meditation and mentoring techniques - known as Calmology - used in 20+ countries. Having struggled and turned my suffering into success, I hope my story proves that despite your past, we can heal and find peace.

Sandy is the guru of modern-day meditations.
Sandy is one of the best meditation teachers around.

The Support You Need, When You Need It

You can easily access Calm Clan resources anywhere in the world, anytime, and from any device. All techniques inside Calm Clan are designed to deliver maximum benefit for people wanting more peace in their life or struggling with health conditions brought on by anxiety, insomnia or stress. Resources are organized by interest, allowing you to quickly find the support you need, when you need it.


Meditation Made Easy

I am a monk and have completed thousands of hours of meditation so that you don’t necessarily have to. I have taken the best of what I’ve learned over the years and developed extremely simple techniques for you to easily experience the benefits of long-term meditation in just minutes.

Harness the Power of Peace Anytime, Anywhere.

Life is busy and I get that. That’s why I designed all resources inside of Calm Clan to be easily used anytime and anywhere. I even created powerful meditation techniques that can be done absolutely anywhere, and with eyes opened or closed for ultimate flexibility. Whether you’re in a meeting, driving to work or having dinner, you can harness the power of peace anywhere.


Heal For Real

I’ve committed my life to helping people heal for real and experience lasting freedom and fulfilment. Calm Clan is a powerful online community and resource committed to your ultimate transformation. Inside Calm Clan you will find everything you need to heal for real, including group accountability, workshops, guided meditations, complete courses, and life mentoring.

Progress At Your Own Pace

I want to meet you wherever you are at. That’s why I designed everything inside Calm Clan for all experience levels. Anyone can easily apply any of my signature techniques and there is absolutely no experience required. Resources are tailored for beginner to advanced levels and allow you to dive deeper on any topic, and gradually expand your experience-level and progress at your own pace.


Why Join?

  • Be free from anxiety, stress and chronic conditions and harness the power of peace in daily life.

  • Easily experience the benefits of long-term meditation in just minutes

  • Learn from a monk and be mentored by an award-winning holistic expert

  • Find the support your need, when you need it

  • Techniques fit into any schedule

  • Get ongoing live support for accountability and maximum results

  • Calmer mind, healthier body, nourished soul

  • Experience a fuller, richer life

  • No meditation experience necessary

  • Massively increase your potential for success

Calm Clan Membership includes:

  • Weekly webinars broadcasts

  • Library of guided meditations

  • 200+ hours of teaching videos

  • Live access to top expert interviews

  • Community of positive people

  • Access anytime anywhere

  • Genuine low cost with free trial

Feedback from Members

I spent 60+ years suffering with fear and anxiety. I’ve now discovered that my past doesn’t have to rule my present or future. I’ve made up for lost time and now live a much happier, calmer and fuller life.
— Jean Maslen, UK
In a short time Sandy’s teachings and techniques have made a profound impact upon my life. Things that used to be a problem aren’t anymore. I’ve been given a promotion at work and feel excited when in the past I would have been anxious.
— Bonni Smith, USA
My mind controlled me and now I feel in control. I’ve overcome years of intermittent depression and high levels of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It is so empowering!
— James Christopher, UK

Anytime access to…


Stay inspired and connected via weekly online meditation gatherings and monthly webinar workshops.  


Access a growing library of meditations for mental calm, emotional wellbeing, better relationships, self-healing...


Over 200+ hours of teaching videos including my complete range of online courses - worth £600 in my shop!


Be part of a caring community where you can share, grow and make friends with like-minded positive people. 


Explore the collection of articles by Sandy on relevant topics for additional insight and inspiration.


Gain rare access to, and learn from, guest experts with interviews on self-help, self-healing and spirituality.

Live Webinar Schedule

Every week inside the Calm Clan we have an online Gathering with Sandy or one of his team of Meditation Mentors. During these webinars we meditate together using the Calm Meditation techniques and members can ask questions and get the clarity they need. Each month we also have a Workshop for learning life-changing teachings and techniques. Join now to attend our next live broadcasts and start your anytime access to all of the life-changing Calm Clan resources. 

Standard Plan


After your 30 days free trial ends.

Premium Plan


Includes Additional Resources and Support.

Standard Plan includes:

Get unlimited access to all of the following:

  • Weekly Webinar Gatherings to meditate and stay inspired by Sandy and his team of mentors

  • Monthly Webinar Workshops with Sandy and Guest Experts for diving deeper into life-changing topics

  • Level 1 Calmology Online Courses covering Sandy's Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and Mind Detox principles and techniques - for personal use - worth £600 if bought separately in Sandy's Shop!

  • Unlimited access to 200+ hours of teaching videos, guided meditations, expert interviews and more

  • Guided Meditations that are exclusive to members

  • Up to 50% discount on selected live events, mentoring, products PLUS priority invites to events

  • Community of like-minded positive people who quickly become friends

  • Make the commitment to inner calm, holistic health and to living the best life! 


*  Easy Unsubscribe: If you ever want to stop being a Calm Clan member, log into the Calm Clan website using your username and password, where you will find the 'Cancel Subscription' option in the My Profile area.

Premium Plan includes:

Get all of the Standard Plan resources PLUS:

  • Advance Calmology Online Courses including the Level 2 Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and Mind Detox courses - sharing everything you need to know in order to effectively use and share the Calmology teachings and techniques with your friends and family.

  • Monthly Supervision Sessions with Sandy and his Calmologist students - sharing advanced advice for your personal benefit and guidance on how to use Calmology with your friends and family. During these webinars you can ask Sandy any questions that come up during your Co-Coaching Sessions. 

  • Exclusive Co-Coaching Network* consisting of your fellow Premium Members and Sandy’s Calmologist students - enabling you to give and receive Calmology Coaching to personally benefit from the techniques. Think of it as having access to a global team of people committed to helping each other to enjoy the best life.

  • Calmologist Certification Course Discount**. Having been a Premium Member, you can receive a discount off your Calmologist Certification Course.

* The Co-Coaching Network is a personal development tool and not a replacement for appropriate professional support. If you are unsure if it is appropriate for you, please get in touch. ** Having been a Premium Member, if can upgrade to the Calmologist Certification Course then we will discount your course cost by the number of months you've been a Premium Plan Member (up to 24 months).

Not sure yet?

Here’s a couple sample videos…

Technique for instant peace

Do you wish you could stop your mind from working overtime? Watch this video to gain instant mind calm with an amazingly effective open-eyed meditation technique that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Try this healing meditation

Would you like to help your body to heal and stay healthy? Play this closed-eye Body Calm meditation for de-stressing and mastering a healthy mindset. Just one of the meditations that you get unlimited access to inside the Calm Clan.


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