Sadness / Sad / Depressed / Depression / Feeling Low / Negative


Resistance to what’s happened/happening, attachment to better +/or different, powerlessness, pointlessness, focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right, over comparison, perceived lack, over-thinking about the past or future, unseen, ‘what’s the point?’ or ‘life’s unfair’ mentality, lacking compelling purpose, resistance to feeling fully to the point of numbness,  ‘surviving life is difficult’ thought  

CALM CURE THOUGHT : I am grateful for the good in life and feel lucky to be alive.

(Think this 'Calm Cure Thought' whenever you remember throughout your day and/or use it during your daily CALM meditation practice. It can help you begin to cultivate a healthier mindset.)


UNDERSTANDING SADNESS : Sadness is often a result of unseen negative thinking. It is common to believe that we are sad because of some external event or set of circumstances. However, this is not necessarily the case. We feel whatever we are thinking about. So if you are engaging lots of thoughts that are negative, then that is how you will most likely end up feeling. With thoughts on the themes of lack, victimhood, comparison, unfairness, wrongness or ‘poor me’ tending to lead to feelings of sadness. 

To cultivate more happiness, you want to heal the habit of negative thinking by intentionally looking for abundance, fairness and rightfulness in daily life. If you are feeling sad, you might not feel like you can do what I'm suggesting, but it's important that you remember that the only moment you can choose to do it is, right now. Even small steps now will make a big difference in the longterm. One of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your focus is to choose to find things to praise about yourself, other people, life and/or the world (and in doing so develop and attitude of gratitude by choosing to be praiseful instead of critical). With the power of praise, the thing you were previously sad about don't need to change for you to feel better. You can immediately lift your mood and begin your journey back to joy... starting now!



From the above list, what common cause(s) feel most true for you? Sandy believes it is possible to heal a multitude of health conditions by bringing calm to where there's been inner conflict. You can do this by healing the parts of your mind that are causing you to live in a state of physical stress and emotional unease. So if you've found any mind-based causes that resonate with you, it can be highly beneficial to resolve them as part of a holistic health strategy.

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