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Try the Calm Clan for free to harness the power of peace for health and happiness.

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What is Calm Clan?

The Calm Clan is making wisdom mobile with online courses, meditations and life mentoring led by Sandy. If you have found a possible hidden cause for a physical condition or emotional issue, then the Calm Clan is the quickest and cheapest way to access the help you need:

  • Be free from anxiety, stress and chronic conditions and harness the power of peace in daily life

  • Easily experience the benefits of long-term meditation in just minutes

  • Learn from a monk who’s meditation for thousands of hours and be mentored by an award-winning holistic expert

  • Find the support your need, when you need it

  • Resources can be accessed on any computer or mobile devise

  • Techniques fit into any schedule

  • Get ongoing live support for accountability and maximum results

  • Calmer mind, healthier body, nourished soul

  • Experience a fuller, richer life

  • No meditation experience necessary

  • Massively increase your potential for success

Membership includes:

  • Weekly webinars broadcasts

  • Library of guided meditations

  • 200+ hours of teaching videos

  • Live access to top expert interviews

  • Community of positive people

  • Access anytime anywhere

  • Genuine low cost with free trial