Jealousy / Distrust / Envy / Possessiveness


Abandoned, fear of being rejected, loss, alone, loneliness, ‘people I love leave me’, not trusting others +/or life, attachment to others, trying to get love from the outside +/or other people, ‘other people are the source of love +/or security, resistance to being alone

CALM CURE THOUGHT : I am secure within my love-filled Self.   

(Think this 'Calm Cure Thought' whenever you remember throughout your day and/or use it during your daily CALM meditation practice. It can help you begin to cultivate a healthier mindset.)


UNDERSTANDING JEALOUSY :  Jealousy is joined at the hip with attachment and the belief that love, self-worth and success are found on the outside. If you believe that your love and/or security is found in someone else, then you will fear losing them. You may love them, but you will also fear them leaving. You will feel compelled to be protective of your partnership (or friendship) to an extreme level and find yourself needing to check their phone, not spend time with others or not allow them to even look at another person, for example. Or if you are jealous about the ‘better life’ other people are living, compared to your own, then you will experience a sense of lack in relation to how your life is. Comparison corrodes contentment and because we live in a world where there’s always someone that appears to have a better life than you, jealousy can limit your joy.

Healing jealousy therefore involves you finding love within your self and cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Be appreciative that the other person is choosing to be with you and focus on having fun together and connecting every day. Also, give love anytime you feel love lacking in your life. Love is something you feel when you give it. You don’t need to fear anyone leaving, ever, as love is always accessible from within you. When you really know this you will love with an open palm, discover that love is never lacking and there is no limit on the amount of love and joy you can experience and enjoy.



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