Guilt / Regret / Remorse / Blame / Shame


Fear of repeating past mistakes‘, 'I should have known better’, ‘I’m a bad person’, resisting past action(s) +/or decision(s), attached to things happening differently, being hard on yourself, self-critical, attachment to being a 'good' person.

CALM CURE THOUGHT : I am a forgiven good person and always doing my best. 

(Think this 'Calm Cure Thought' whenever you remember throughout your day and/or use it during your daily CALM meditation practice. It can help you begin to cultivate a healthier mindset.)


UNDERSTANDING GUILT : Guilt is commonly caused by inner conflict between a resistance to what you’ve done (or not done) and an on-going attachment to needing to have acted differently. We believe holding onto guilt helps us to not make the same ‘mistakes’ again in the future, however this is not the case. Guilt is harmful to health, keeps you connected to the past and increases the likelihood of you repeating the same actions. Why? Because what you resist persists, and what you are in conflict with, you remain connected to.

To heal guilt, forgive the ‘younger you’ for not knowing what you now know. Accept that you shouldn’t have known better because you couldn’t have known better because you hadn’t yet learnt what you know now. Appreciate that given the same circumstances again today you wouldn’t do the same as you did before, and have faith in your older and wiser self who can be guided by what you now know in your heart is the right way to be and act.



From the above list, what common cause(s) feel most true for you? Sandy believes it is possible to heal a multitude of health conditions by bringing calm to where there's been inner conflict. You can do this by healing the parts of your mind that are causing you to live in a state of physical stress and emotional unease. So if you've found any mind-based causes that resonate with you, it can be highly beneficial to resolve them as part of a holistic health strategy.

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