Fear / Anxiety / Worry / Scared / Panic / Frightened


'The world is a dangerous place', ‘I’m not safe’, Focus on can't instead of can, ‘I’m going to get into trouble’, suppressing inner strength, scared of own power, ‘I’m unsupported’, ‘something bad is going to happen’, vulnerable, no control, unprotected, unloved.

CALM CURE THOUGHT : I am powerful and possess the resources I need to feel safe and succeed. 

(Think this 'Calm Cure Thought' whenever you remember throughout your day and/or use it during your daily CALM meditation practice. It can help you begin to cultivate a healthier mindset.)


UNDERSTANDING FEAR : Fear and anxiety are caused by temporary forgetting how powerful and resourceful you already are and by ignoring the fact that you’ve survived every challenging event or circumstance that’s ever happened during your entire lifetime. You can also give your power away to fear through the habit of not wanting to feel it. The moment you are willing to feel it, fully, you will find the fear is no longer controlling you and can actually be used as a highly productive positive force for good. 

Fear and anxiety can be very empowering emotions when you allow them to be present within you instead of trying to suppress them. Don't worry, you won't end up paralysed by fear if you are willing to feel it.  Quite the opposite. You will find that it is your resistance to feeling the fear that is paralysing and you can make better decisions and take action more effectively when you stop fighting the fear. Anxiety and fear can help you to focus and have the energy you need to heal, face whatever life brings and be successful. You want to breathe into the emotions (with slow deep breaths of equal duration in and out - allowing your diaphragm to relax). By letting the emotions be present within you body, you will feel empowered and energised and will be able to use the emotions to help you make progress in very positive and powerful ways.



From the above list, what common cause(s) feel most true for you? Sandy believes it is possible to heal a multitude of health conditions by bringing calm to where there's been inner conflict. You can do this by healing the parts of your mind that are causing you to live in a state of physical stress and emotional unease. So if you've found any mind-based causes that resonate with you, it can be highly beneficial to resolve them as part of a holistic health strategy.

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