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Said about Sandy:

‘Sandy is pioneering mind-body detox’ The Times I ‘Sandy is the mind maestro’ Psychologies I ‘Sandy is the guru of modern-day meditations’ Red Magazine I ‘Sandy is one of the best meditation teachers around’ Yoga Magazine I ‘Sandy is one of the most effective meditation and holistic therapists of the decade’ OM Times I ‘Sandy is the master of mind detox’ Discovery Health

Picture: Sandy guiding a group through one of his Calm Meditations.

Picture: Sandy guiding a group through one of his Calm Meditations.


About Sandy

Sandy C. Newbigging is a mind detox expert, meditation teacher, monk, mentor, speaker, multi-bestselling author and creator of Calmology. With a unique ability quickly get to the real root cause of people’s issues and share complex mind, body and soul concepts in ways that make sense, Sandy is one of the most popular experts in his field today.

Sandy has personally overcome an eating disorder, bullying, insomnia, heartbreak and struggling to be a success with dyslexia. He’s felt super low, anxious and sick, stressed and stuck. During his path back to peace he’s detoxed his mind, meditated for thousands of hours and even become a monk.

Sandy is a living example that peace is possible for anyone who is willing to ‘master their mind’ and he’s on a mission to prove that inner stillness and engaging ‘present moment awareness’ is the secret to life success.

Sandy has 'made wisdom mobile' through his online Calm Clan community and Calm Academy home-study courses - so anyone, anywhere, and on any budget, can benefit.

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The transformative power of Sandy’s methods have been show on television in 30+ countries on the hit television series ‘Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses’.

A prolific writer, Sandy has written 12 books, published in multiple languages. His books are published by Piatkus, Findhorn Press and also Hay House Publishing, which is the biggest Mind Body Spirit publisher in the world.

Sandy is the creator of the popular Calmology techniques - including the Mind Calm and Body Calm meditations and the Mind Detox and Calm Cure coaching techniques. As founder of the Calm Academy, he has personally trained students in his methods from over 20 countries.

Sandy has spent thousands of hours ‘detoxing minds’ via his international clinic. He has also meditated for thousands of hours, having become a monk in 2008. He is a teacher of the Ishayas' Ascension and his 'Calm Meditations’ are the first techniques recommended by Champneys Health Resorts.



Tutor of the Year by the Federation of Holistic Therapists

Trainer of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Therapists and Consultants




The Full Story

From Conflict to Calm


I’ve overcome chronic anxiety, healed an eating disorder, put my broken-heart back together, got out of debt, written bestselling books (despite dyslexia), created four meditation and mentoring techniques and even become a monk. Here’s my story…



I lived with an underlying angst and anxiety. I felt I was unworthy of love and alone in the world. Existing like an island, I believed I was bothering people with my mere presence and could even feel lonely in a room full of people. Nobody knew though, as I kept it a secret...


I quietly persisted with an eating disorder. If I was stressed or dealing with a problem - which happened often - I couldn’t eat for the life of me. I would end up way too skinny and I’d have no energy. To make matters worse, I couldn’t sleep with my mind working overtime with worry…



I headed to Australia in search of love and my happy-ever-after. Only to return home early, single and broke, and forced to get a temporary job doing data entry. I lacked purpose, passion and started searching for meaningful work. My life changed the day I met a Life Coach - who happened to sit down at the desk opposite me! That same weekend I had spent the inheritance that I’d received from my grandmother to train as one myself…


Despite graduating at a top of my class, I noticed that even when my clients agreed upon strong success strategies, many couldn’t apply them. Their past ‘stuff’, emotions, toxic beliefs and habits were all preventing them, big time. Wanting to work deeper, I added to my toolkit and after a few years of successfully offering coaching with a therapeutic twist, I got an invitation that resulted in me accidentally creating my own method...



I was invited to work on a detox retreat in Spain. Many of the detoxers wanted my help with health concerns and so, not knowing if it would work, we explored the possible mind-based causes. Remarkably, many of the retreat participants healed after detoxing their mind, and a new method was accidentally born...


Soon after creating what was becoming known as ‘Mind Detox’, I was asked to use my method on three TV series called The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses. The shows ended up being aired in 30+ countries! The TV exposure and book deals helped to get the word out and I did hundreds of Mind Detox's worldwide...



By this point I had successfully used Mind Detox to heal my eating disorder and insomnia, overcome my relationship hurts, get out of debt and gain the confidence to not let dyslexia stop me from writing books. But despite being on TV and helping lots of people, I still secretly lacked any kind of consistent inner peace. In short, I felt like a failure and a fraud and a million miles from the peaceful person I wanted to be…


My frustration played a part in my girlfriend soon leaving; along with our joint business. Observing my upset, it was around that time a mate suggested I tried meditation. After some reluctance, I learnt and soon started experiencing a surprising amount of peace. So much so that I went off to meditate for several months, ending up becoming a monk. Soon after, I started teaching meditation...

sandyblur3 copy.png


Excited to discover that peace was easier than I had always thought, I soon saw the need for modern ways to meditate that fitted into daily life and delivered quick results. Not long after that, the Mind Calm meditation technique came to me as an instant ‘download’ when I was meditating one day. Within a year Hay House publishing asked me to write a book on the technique and it started being used internationally...


A couple years later, the Body Calm technique came to me too and then most recently Calm Cure. Collectively, alongside Mind Detox, they are now known as ‘Calmology’ and offer a complete system to clear and calm the mind, help the body to heal and stay healthy and discover that peace is not only possible but the silent solution for all problems and real and lasting life success.



Today I mentor people with Calmology, train Calmologists via my academy and continue writing - having now published 12 books. To make the teachings and techniques accessible to anyone, I opened the Calm Clan in 2016, which is making wisdom mobile by offering online meditations, courses and mentoring to members - so that we can all heal for real, benefit from meditation, explore our spiritual side and enjoy the best life humanly possible. 

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