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Here are the most common questions we are asked by people booking this retreat... 

Does Sandy Newbigging attend the Turkey retreat?

Sandy attends, and takes a very active role in, all of the retreats listed on this website.  He also offers private Mind Detox consultations at the 7-day retreats in Turkey.  

What airport do I fly into and how do I get to the retreat venue?

Our Turkey retreat venue is located about 30 minutes from the very popular tourist destination of Bodrum (1 hour flight from Istanbul). Personally, we always fly direct from London Gatwick to Bodrum Milas Airport on EasyJet. However, there are other airlines that fly direct – see or simply search online under “Flights to Bodrum Milas”. If you opt to fly with Turkish Airlines then you will go via Istanbul. We have done this many times and find it to be a very easy airport to transit through.  Please note, you will need to pay £20 Tourist Visa upon arrival into Turkey. Let us know if you arrive early or want to stay longer and we can organise the extra nights at the venue for you. 

Are flights and transfers included?

No, flights and transfers are not included in the price. However, once you book your flight we ask you send your flight details to us so we can give them to the venue.  They will then organise your transfers to the venue and you will pay for the transfer at the end of your stay direct to TheLifeCo.  Prices vary if you share the car but usually come in around €50 (correct at the time of writing this!).

Is it safe to travel to Turkey alone?

Yes, in our experience it is both safe and easy. Once you arrive at the airport you will be met by one of our trusted drivers - who will be standing with a name board (with either your name or 'TheLifeCo') as you walk through arrivals. They will take you direct to the venue in a comfortable car. It is a lovely drive along the coast with beautiful views of the bays and small towns along the way. 

What’s a typical detox day like?

We start the days with yoga (or some other kind of gentle exercise), then have a morning group meeting around 11am. The afternoons offer time to chill-out or do additional therapies, and we spend each evening together too. The topics covered depend on the group but in general, Sandy will teach you all about Mind Detox and on this retreat you will learn Ascension Meditation. 

Do I have share personal things at group meetings?

No! You can speak as much or as little as you like during group meetings. Private matters are usually kept for your confidential consultations with Sandy or the other therapists.  

Are the additional therapies included in the price?

Extra therapies available include all kinds of massages, reflexology and a range of beauty treatments. Whether you want them or not is very individual and also to keep the upfront cost down we do not include any treatments. Some people splash out and fill their schedules while others don't feel the need and enjoy the detox, the spa facilities, yoga and talks that are all included.  

Am I hungry if I opt for the juice fast?

Not normally, but if you are it usually passes within a couple days. Every day you consume 5 juice meals, wheatgrass shots, supplements and unlimited life detox broth to keep your energy levels up. We want you to enjoy your detox experience so we make it is our priority to monitor your well being regularly and have been known to put people back on food if it would suit their body better. Overall, most people comment they are surprised by not feeling hungry. 

What is colon cleansing like?

It is common for someone who has never experienced colon cleansing to be a little nervous. However it is nothing to worry about. It is very similar to going to the toilet. It is very important when cleansing the body because the detox mobilises stored toxins and the colon cleansing is one way of releasing them. It can also help you get rid of unwanted parasites, compacted waste and help people lose weight. 

How does Ascension Meditation differ from Sandy's CALM techniques?

As Sandy was originally trained in Ascension Meditation, quite naturally, the background theory and mechanics of the Ascension and CALM techniques have similarities. However, despite some surface level similarities, they are distinct methods - that serve different purposes and people.

Mind and Body Calm are forms of meditation that Sandy created with the intention of appealing to a mainstream audience. Mind Calm is designed for people wanting to use meditation to reduce stress, perform at their best, stop their mind working overtime and feel more calm and contented in daily life. Body Calm was created with the intention of appealing to people who know that stress and mind-based reasons may be the cause of their physical conditions or their lack of vitality. 

Ascension is an ancient form of meditation with a long lineage of teachers who have taught the spiritual teachings and techniques of praise, gratitude, love and compassion. It is the teaching of 'oneness', 'unity' and through regular practice, aims to heal the belief of separateness and any human experience of suffering. Sandy feels very fortunate to have found it, and it continues to have a hugely positive impact on his life.

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