(Video + Guided Meditation)

This 20-minute video - from my Calmology Foundation online course - can help you to begin the journey towards healing your relationship with your emotions. Instead of being in a fruitless fight with your feelings or worrying about how life might make you feel, with Calmology you learn how to calmly and consciously coexist with the full spectrum of feelings. To achieve this, I share 3 powerful principles for cultivating 'peace with emotions' and also offer 3 Calm Games that you can use today to enjoy more emotional freedom. I also share a powerful Emotional Freedom guided meditation. Enjoy!

* Source: Part 3 of the 12 part Calmology Foundation Online Course - available inside my Calm Clan

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With Mind Calm you will learn how to let go of the constant chatter in your mind, gain clarity, perform at your best, worry less, heal faster, sleep better, improve relationships and feel more calm, confident, and content in daily life. This collection of meditations is perfect for first time and experienced meditators, and those who have previously benefited from Sandy's original Mind Calm book and want to further their practice. Using unique brain wave music, these guided meditations nurture the development of key mental states including calm, clarity, and presence.



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