24 DECEMBER 2018


VIDEO + MEDITATION for Warming the Heart of Relationships this Christmas

Are you visiting any friends or family for Christmas? Have you noticed how some people have an amazing ability to press our buttons more than others? I appreciate your time might be tight today, so for your 24th gift I share a 13 minute video that shares my 5 Tips for Warming the Heart of Your Relationships and a powerful 5-minute ‘pink light’ meditation that you can use today (and once a day for the next few days) to heal relationships and enjoy your time around your friends and family this Christmas. Enjoy!

Source: This video clip is an extract from the December 2018 Calm Clan eWorkshop. I was taught this meditation by my Spiritual Teacher and it’s worked wonders in my own life and for those I’ve shared it with, too. It’s simple, yet very powerful.

I love to hear from you! Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this advent calendar and how it’s helped you. Please share your comments below.



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