21 DECEMBER 2018


MEDITATION: ‘Be What You Want To See’

As today is the Winter Solstice it is the perfect time to give a gift to the world by being the positive change we wish to see. Consider what the world would be like if everyone had already woken up spiritually? How would we treat the planet, if we knew it was nirvana, and how would we interact with one another if we knew we were all divine?

Do you think the world would still have the same problems as it does today? Would there still be the need for war, if everyone were experiencing inner peace, love, joy and freedom within their own hearts and minds? It may all sound too good to be true or darn right impossible, but don’t forget: if peace is possible for the individual (which it is!) then the potential exists also for it to be possible for communities and countries. So let's not give up on humanity too soon. We are just getting started! If you want to see this kind of world, it’s up to you to be the change, now. Stop waiting for someone else to wake up first. It’s your time and it’s your turn. Today's guided meditation is a small way to make a big impact. Enjoy!

* Source: One of the free resources that accompanies my Calm Cure book. Available now for half price in my Christmas sale.

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