10 DECEMBER 2018


BODY CALM: The Self Healing Meditation Technique

[Video + Guided Meditation]

During this 35 minute video - taken from the 12 part Calmology Foundation online course - I introduce you to the Body Calm meditation technique. Body Calm can help you to give your body the rest it needs to recover and stay healthy. It improves the communications between your mind and body and heals the unhealthy beliefs that are causing you to live in a chronic state of stress. I share how your health is a reflection of your relationship with life and if you 'embody positive virtues' you can use physical conditions as an invitation to wake up into being more of your best Self. Watch this video to learn the benefits and principles that sit at the heart of the Body Calm meditation technique and discover that 'rest is best, harmony heals and life is inviting you to live fully and completely'.

* Source: Part 4 of the 12 part Calmology Foundation Online Course - available inside my Calm Community. Regular practice is vital for benefiting from Body Calm, so join the Calm Community to receive the guidance and support you need.

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