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 Join me for Summer of Calm - an online event series including a special live webinar PLUS a bundle of 3 video lessons.


To mark my 40th birthday and celebrate the launch of my new Calm Meditation Teacher Online Course, I’m creating a free 90-minute webinar - ‘Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down!’ - sharing the most important things I’ve learnt during the past 40 years. For the first time ever, during an online event of this kind, I will reveal the 3 S’s that I live by, which have given me the kind of life that I never thought possible, in a million years!

Plus! During the run up to the live webinar event, I am releasing 3 x 60-minute video lessons from my much-loved Mind Body Calm Online Summer Retreat, filmed at my home in the mountains of Spain. During these enlightening videos, I reveal the hidden causes of your busy mind, share the life-changing ‘peace with mind’ philosophy, guide you through a technique for enjoying instant mind calm, and explain why inner stillness really is the secret to a truly successful life.

I will release one video per week and then host the live webinar event to bring Summer of Calm to an inspiring finale:

12 August 2018 - Video 1 - Calming the Four Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind

19 August 2019 - Video 2 - The Peace With Mind Miracle & Meditation Mindset

26 August 2019 - Video 3 - Why There Is More To Life Than You May Think

02 September 2019 - Live Webinar Event with Sandy - Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down!

A replay of the live webinar will be made available for everyone who registers.

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Have you ever told someone who is stressed, anxious or upset to calm down? Has it ever actually worked to calm them down? Probably not! This is because being calm is a skill that is rarely taught, even though it is a skill that improves everything.

Why attend this live webinar event?

  • You want to stop your busy mind and enjoy a holiday from your head

  • You want to learn how to remain calm and clear in any circumstance

  • You want to stop anxiety from stopping you and no longer fear the future

  • You want to master your emotions and use your energy for positive changes

  • You want to know how to engage everyday with an unstoppable confidence

  • You want to perceive your past in new ways to finally forgive and find peace

  • You want to unleash your creativity and become a magnet for miracles

  • You want to gain the attitude required for allowing in more abundance

  • You want to discover and live your life purpose, and make a big impact

  • You want to show up fully and find out what it means to be fully alive

With a deep-rooted dedication to his purpose of bringing more peace to the planet, Sandy has written 12 books (despite having dyslexia), spoken on stages in-front of thousands (despite a fear of public speaking) and trained academy students from 20+ countries in his Calmology meditation and mentoring techniques (despite struggling with anxiety for the majority of his early years).

Along the way he’s been featured on television in 30+ countries, won awards for his speaking and training abilities, become a monk, meditated for thousands of hours, cultivated a constant sense of calm, and helped hundreds of people at his clinics. Today he lives with his Mexican fiancé in the mountains of Spain, where he enjoys an occasional whisky and rides his motorbike (not at the same time). Sandy is a normal guy from Edinburgh, living an ever-increasingly incredible life. Join him for this unique one-off webinar to learn the 3 most important things he’s learnt during the past 40 years - so that you too can feel empowered to face anything that comes your way, and enjoy the most alive and impactful life humanly possible.

Summer of Calm White.png

Praise for Sandy’s Mind Body Calm Online Summer Retreat:


"This online retreat was just amazing. I feel I gained a deeper understanding of the CALM principles. Great questions were asked which again helped me very much in going deeper. Sandy's presence is so full of joy, love and enthusiasm, it makes learning and being in his presence very joyful. This retreats inspires me to get out the books again and re-read them with new eyes. Thank you so much for all that you are offering to us in the Calm Community and to the world." Viviane Masshardt

"A beautiful, inspirational weekend. The simplicity is what makes Mind Body Calm so effective and the teachings are delivered with such love and enthusiasm." Sandy Tanner

"Excellent retreat, just loved it. Sandy's warm personality shines through even though not in the room with him, the topics and exercises were excellent and I've definitely experienced a big shift from something I've been holding on to for many years. Have since joined the Calm Community and enjoying working my way through the excellent courses and material on there. Would definitely recommend." Jean Watson

"The retreat has really helped me to focus on improving my meditation technique. Sandy is so inspiring and I really feel that his teachings over the course of this retreat has given me the confidence and commitment to achieve the stillness I so want." Elaine Nelso

"Thank you Sandy for your insight to a surprisingly simple approach to living your life to the fullest. Especially appreciated your down to earth method of explaining hard to comprehend concepts. The "steam train" analogy for example really resonated with me. This retreat gave me the tools I need to discover and implement the true source of "harmony" and Peace with Life." Jacqueline Michaud

"After my father's death last year, a recent house move to a new area and an impending new job I was feeling really frazzled. I always used to meditate but my attempts had been sporadic at best. The retreat brought me back to myself. Reminding me that I am not my thoughts but the awareness observing my thoughts. I feel re-aligned and centred with myself. I did a mind calm meditation and a body calm meditation on both nights and am feeling inspired to continue and become more involved with the Calm Community. I got so much out of it and the tools to use, thank you Sandy." Diane Emer

"Fabulous experience. The subject matter was very valuable and I feel like I can really use it to grow. I really appreciated the ability to access this online. Two reasons: Most important - I have a medical condition that makes physically attending a retreat impossible at the moment, yet this is an important tool in my route to wellness! Secondly - although I would have much preferred to attend this live, the ability to catch up when i was able made it all the more accessible. Thank you." Kate Handschuh

"There was so much more to this retreat than I expected. I worked through so many issues. Lots of Aha! moments. Some of the concepts are tough to wrap your head around because it requires that shift in perception. But this retreat is a great place to start bringing yourself to that. I am so glad I found Sandy and his techniques!" Donna Grady

The simplest non religious form of meditation I've ever experienced. Sandy's teaching is fun and interactive, I learnt so much in a friendly environment." Karen Grant

"If you feel lost and confused and yet know there is more to life than what you're experiencing now, then the Mind Body Calm retreat will guide you gently through the most amazing concepts and understandings that will allow you to meditate and start the process of calming your mind. Not to be missed if you are looking for something that really works!" Lin Paris

"Everything Sandy talks about and teaches comes from the deep experience of successfully having helped thousands of people! That is absolutely obvious in this online retreat! His teachings and techniques are very effective and I love all of his ways of showing us how to experience our underlying presence - what we really are, not identifying with anything else, and resolve successfully anything that makes us suffer. Sandy has such a great, joyful and genuine way of communicating and connecting!" Tanja Roellek

"This is a precious gift for anyone, looking for that something extra, that happiness that they are struggling to find and always seems so close but so far. Sandy is a genuinely beautiful being, he makes everything sound so easy - which I believe is true, and helps to bring you closer to what you are looking for. This retreat is a summary of Body Calm, Mind Calm, Calm Cure and more. If you are at the start of your journey, this will be a mega introduction to meditation and tools for calmness. If you have already started your journey then this will help to remind you and bring you back to where you want to be, but often forget how to. Thank you Sandy for an awesome online retreat." Marion Fyfe

"Sandy's online retreat was highly beneficial and very valuable! I truly appreciate how he frames/describes pertinent life concepts and strategies; his relate-ability and how real he is. I also appreciate Sandy's sense of humour, authenticity and down-to-earth way of being…as well as his openness with sharing his own stories. He is a kind and gentle spirit. Thank you Sandy for sharing what you have learned and your passion for others to feel peace, happiness and love." Kellie Fay

"Sandy's online meditation retreats are like attending a retreat in person, except even better as you can do so from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost.. I have done both and I can guarantee that you will get as much benefit from attending his online retreats as if you attended one in person as Sandy always ensures to give that personal touch. He embodies peace and calm and by using simple techniques he teaches, guides and facilitates you back to your truth, your presence, your beingness. Sandy shows you how to eliminate any suffering, to recognise and remember who you truly are and that nothing is ever broken or needing fixed. He reminds you that you are absolutely perfect whole and complete exactly as you are right now. I highly recommend that if you are seeking, searching, looking to change your thoughts, change your life or even change the world then book on to one of his retreats right now as you deserve this gift, this beautiful gift of being in the present moment." Siobhan Mc Carthy

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