Why To Spiritually Awaken You Must Ask the Question: Who Am I?


To be self-aware can mean many things, with one of most important being to be aware of the aspect of your SELF that is AWARE.  

During literally thousands of hours of meditation, I’ve explored the big question of Who Am I? and come to conclude: I am simply the Self that is aware. Everything else is a mind- made creation or life circumstance that comes and goes. But that which is aware does not. So who are you?

You are the conscious awareness that is aware of the voice in your head and all the other thoughts and emotions happening daily. The awareness that is aware of your body and all the physical sensations and conditions that occur. The awareness that’s aware of all of your relationships, bank balance, the jobs you do, the houses you inhabit and the hobbies that you happen to love.

Awareness is the one facet of you that has been with you your entire life and you’ve never for one iota of a moment existed without.
— from Mind Calm book

Conscious awareness is inherently still and silent. A sign that you are aware is that you experience inner stillness and silence. It is my hope that reading this is an eye opener for you. Not solely from a conceptual perspective, but that you experience what I refer to as the ‘Infinite I’.

Spoken about by countless spiritual teachers over millennia, the Infinite I (or ‘infinite-eye’, if that makes more sense to you) is the awareness that is observing life unfold and the consciousness that all of life exists within. You have front-row seats at this glorious adventure called your life. It is time to say ‘bring it on’ and welcome whatever happens with wide-open arms.