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Calm Cure is the latest technique from Sandy.  Most of us are so preoccupied with trying to deal with, and treat, the symptoms of our problems that we never get around to discovering and resolving the underlying causes. Anytime you have a physical condition or life problem there are always three parts at play, however we are taught to only focus on the first two. During this course, Sandy will reveal what the third element is and show you how to once and for all 'heal the hidden cause'.  

Being aware of all three elements is so important because the underlying cause  is more often than not a major contributing factor to the creation and continuation of the physical condition or life problem. Meaning as long as the unconscious reason remains chronic, an underlying cause of the issue will remain active. 

The good news is there is a way to bring calm to these hidden culprits and be free of them for good.

Join Sandy to learn the powerful Calm Cure technique to clarify and clear your hidden causes and how to apply it to your health, emotions, relationships, career, finances, time and the wider world. He will also show you how to use Calm Cure alongside his proven directory that lists the potential mind-based causes of conditions. Ultimately empowering you with the life-changing ability to be peaceful and purposeful, wake up to wellness and enjoy a truly successful life, one that you love. 

Freedom from problems with the power of calm...

Sandy believes that you can cure and achieve almost anything by healing the hidden cause of health conditions, emotional issues, life problems and untapped potential. During this life-changing course, you will discover:

  • The hidden mind-based cause(s) of your health, emotional and/or life problems
  • Why other things you’ve done to try to resolve your issues haven't worked long-term and why you keep recreating the same old patterns over and over again
  • How to harness the power of the mind-body connection  for healing + happiness
  • The CALM CURE technique for being emotionally and financially free, fully healthy, enjoying deeply connected relationships and accessing your potential.

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Price: £108 (50% discount for Calm Clan members)