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I could feel lonely in a room full of people, struggled with a sense of angst and anxiety much of the time and felt a millions miles from the peaceful happy person that I so wanted to be.  With the desire to feel better and make the most of my life I set off on my personal development journey reading countless books and attending every seminar I could afford.  

My passion turned into a career when I met a Life Coach in 2002 and went on to qualify as one myself. I then trained in other modalities including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to name a few. Then in 2005 everything changed when I accidentally created the Mind Detox method while working on detox retreats in Spain.   

During the retreats the participants were seeking my help on a range of physical and emotional issues. No technique I'd learnt before did exactly what I felt they needed so I started exploring how to heal what I now call the 'hidden root-causes' for their struggles. The rest as they say is history, including Mind Detox being shown on TV globally followed by a few best-selling books. After thousands of hours of clinical practice, I never get bored seeing the transformations in my clients when they once and for all let go of things that have been causing them stress and struggle for years.



In my own exploration into experiencing more inner peace, I found that changing my mind with therapeutic and personal development techniques was only part of what was needed.  

I noticed that if I went on thinking all day (and sometimes, all night too!) then my mind had a remarkable ability to constantly come up with a steady flow of new problems needing fixed, changed and improved. It was this observation that made me want to learn Ascension Meditation to change my relationship with my mind, think less and live in the present moment. 

When training as a meditation teacher, I meditated day and night for 24 weeks. The first 10-weeks of my training happened on the Island of Patmos in Greece followed by a further 14 weeks in the mountains of Mexico and month-long retreats since.  As you can imagine, this kind of immersion into meditation caused changes within myself both positive and profound.  

I highly recommend it! I'm also aware that not everyone can meditate for months with monks like I did, so the techniques I share are all intended to bring about positive changes in the real world of your home and work life.