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Stop treating symptoms and heal the hidden cause.

MIND DETOX reveals the remarkable Mind Detox method for resolving the unconscious mental toxicity that is causing countless people’s physical, emotional and life problems. If something bad is happening in your body or life and you don't know why, then like thousands of others, this method can help.

This is a completely revised a rewritten second edition of Heal the Hidden Cause. Including Sandy’s newest insights from using Mind Detox, along with many - never shared before - personal stories of how he has used Mind Detox in his own life to heal the hidden causes of anxiety, an eating disorder, insomnia, relationship issues and improve his personal impact and success.

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CALM CURE shares the unexpected way to improve your health, your life and your world. It includes a powerful technique to clarify and clear your unconscious conflicts and shows you how to apply it to your body, emotions, relationships, career, finances, time and even the wider world. It also includes a directory listing the common mind-based causes of 101 physical conditions. Wake up to wellness and wealth, be happier and enjoy a truly successful life - one that you love.

MIND CALM shares the modern-day meditation technique that gives you 'peace with mind'. In doing so, you will learn how to let go of the constant chatter in your mind, gain clarity, perform at your best, worry less, sleep better, improve relationships, and feel more calm, confident and content. Yes, this is all possible because over-thinking is the source of so many problems. Discover the peaceful presence of your own being, feel the power of now, and be amazed by how still your mind can be.

BODY CALM shares a meditation technique that helps your body to heal and stay healthy. Give your body the rest it needs to recover, clean up your mind-body communications and clear your unhealthy beliefs that are secretly making you stressed and even sick. Includes five directories listing the mind-based causes of a multitude of physical conditions. You have the power to enjoy a calmer mind and a condition-free body - and achieving it can be much easier than you may think!


THUNK! shows you how to stop your mind from working overtime. Your mind is a powerful tool that you are meant to 'pick up' and use when required, and then 'put down' when you're done thinking. However, if you cannot stop thinking whenever you want, then you are being THUNK!  Includes advice and exercises for changing your relationship with your mind - so that you can enjoy the serenity and success that comes from thinking less.

HEAL THE HIDDEN CAUSE reveals the 5-step Mind Detox method for discovering and resolving the mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. Quite simply, if something negative is happening in your body or life and you don't know why, then this method can help.


NEW BEGINNINGS shares the once known but long forgotten Ten Inner Teachings for making manifesting miracles and making the most of every moment. Includes real wisdom and over 40 practical exercises for being present, feeling fantastic, attracting what you want and living a healthier, wealthier and happier life. Join me on a spiritual odyssey as you make the shift from knowing what you want to experiencing it in the real world.  The difference, as you will discover, is worth everything. 


LIFE DETOX is a unique, amazingly effective way to detox. Other programmes focus on your body, but leading detox experts Sandy and Amanda Hamilton recognise that you also have to deal with your toxic thoughts and feelings if you want significant, lasting benefits. This life-changing book provides a 7-day programme that will help you to lose weight, increase your energy, improve fertility, overcome ailments and look and feel younger. The step-by-step plan is easy to follow and includes tasty juices and recipes, detox boosters and powerful techniques to help you overcome stress, break bad habits and cop with life's ups and downs.

LIFE-CHANGING WEIGHT LOSS explains how traditional dieting can actually make your body more toxic, leading to long-term weight gain and health problems. Sandy and Amanda's simple three-step plan - Discover, Resolve and Enjoy - can help you to reach your target weight and regain your health and vitality. This practical book gives you tools to resolve the root causes of your weight issue - such as chemical calories, toxic habits, food addictions and emotional baggage. Once you have tackled these, there is a 7-day kickstart programme that combines over 40 tasty recipes with exercise and effective mind techniques.