Ten Teachings

Ten Teachings


For Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

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Make the shift from knowing what you want to experiencing it in the real world. The difference, as you will discover, is worth everything.  

This online course shares the once known but often forgotten Ten Transformational Teachings that we must know for creating the right inner platform for making the rest of your life the best of your life. These inner teachings give us the freedom to choose between peace of pain, confusion or clarity, problems or perfection, procrastination or action, and failure and success.  If you are interested in learning the less well-known dynamics of the law of attraction and cultivate the right mindset for getting your goals, then you will find this course both enlivening and enlightening.  

Modules covered during this life-changing course include:

M1  The Purpose of Life + Outer Reflects Inner / M2  Be Here Now + Rest in Being + Live in Love / M3  Resistance it Futile + Compromise Corrodes / M4  Prioritise Praise + Positive Focus has Power / M5  Let Go to Let Grow + Meet the Universe Half Way / M6  Manifestation Meditation + Goal Installation Process 

This 6-part video series offers a genuine fresh start and is filled with real wisdom and practical exercises for being present, feeling fantastic, freeing yourself from problems, attracting what you want and living a healthier, wealthier and happier life.