One Mentoring Session with Sandy

One Mentoring Session with Sandy

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Your individual session will begin with us agreeing upon the core issue or challenge you would like to improve about your health, emotions or life. We will then explore the underlying mind-base cause(s) either using the Mind Detox and/or Calm Cure techniques. Having found a potential cause, the rest of the session will be focused on you getting peace with it once and for all. With my clinical practice experience and understanding of the mind-body connection and common causes of issues, I will offer insight and guidance and you will leave with clarity on the best ways forward for you.

Will one session be enough?

We will do our best to work as fast as we can, but if your issue is complex it may require a follow up session or package. If you are unsure if we can resolve it one session it is recommended you contact us for a quick chat before booking or go ahead and book a coaching package (as it may be cheaper in the long run if more sessions are required). Thank you.

You session will happen online via Skype or Zoom.

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Length: 1.5-2 hours