Personal Mentoring Package with Sandy

Personal Mentoring Package with Sandy

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Do you want to discover and resolve the hidden cause of a chronic condition or persistent problem and/or receive meditation mentoring with me? 

Mentoring packages with me consist of a series of four sessions that usually happen over the course of a 3 months period. We begin by agreeing upon the core issues or challenges that you would like to work on together. We will then take a two-part approach to resolving them: using my Mind Detox and/or Calm Cure techniques to explore and resolve the hidden mind-based cause(s) of chronic conditions and/or persistent problems AND also using the Mind Calm and Body Calm principles and meditation techniques to improve how you relate to your mind, body, emotions and life.

If you apply what you learn during and between our scheduled meetings, you can expect to gain more consistent inner calm, clarity, and a clearer mind. You will improve any relationship issues, get peace with past issues and overcome any 'stuff' standing between you and the life you really want. If you have a health condition, you will find out if there are any hidden mind-body connection causes, and resolve them.  If you have a desire to explore your spiritual side, you will find this mentoring package highly enlightening! You will gain a new relationship with yourself that can empower you to live a problem-free and peace-filled life.

All sessions will happen online via Skype or Zoom.

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Length: 4 x 1-1.5 hour mentoring sessions