Manifestation Meditation - Ignite Edition

Manifestation Meditation - Ignite Edition

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Special edition using the same motivational music used by Sandy at his recent Hay House Ignite Conference in London. 

MANIFESTATION MEDITATION is a 10-minute guided meditation that takes you through a powerful 'goal installation' technique. It works by having you both visualise and 'feelingise' what you would like to create. Combining both a clear intention with positive emotions is the key to co-creating what you want and a core 'secret' to the law of attraction. 

To use this technique, you need to first know the direction of your 'Time Line' - which is how you unconsciously store and relate to time. So without over-thinking it, if you had to point to your future, where would you most naturally point? Ahead? Right? Or some other direction in relation to your body? Trust your first answer, which is the most obvious answer to you. Once you've clarified the direction of your timeline, decide what you would like to create in your life and use this guided meditation to install the goal in your Time Line. It is recommended that you use this on one goal until it is achieved. Initially use it daily then drop down to weekly or monthly to keep the intention fresh in your awareness. 

When you purchase this meditation you will receive a link to download the audio file. 

Sandy used this technique with great results when first wanting a book contract and being invited to work on television. He's also heard some wonderful stories from people who've used it too. Although we cannot guarantee you create the goal, it has proven itself as highly effective time after time. Give it a go and we look forward to hearing what you manifest.