Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom


For an Abundant Attitude

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During this money meditation you are going to experience that you can feel secure without external financial security, you can feel worthywithout outer financial wealth, and you can feel freewithout externally sought financial freedom.

Secureness, worthiness and freedom are states of being that are permanently present within you, accessible now, and always now. Irrespective of your current bank balance. I invite you to know that you are wholly worthy and valuable and focus on the richness of all that is already present in your life. True financial freedom comes from your willingness to experience the full spectrum of financial possibilities. So allow this meditation to increase your willingness for money to flow freely to and through you.You will discover that by being self-aware and healing your relationship with money, that you can increase your self-worth while also improving your net worth.

Do you have a copy of Sandy's Calm Cure book? This guided meditation is available to listen to free online (but not download) for anyone who purchases a copy of Sandy's Calm Cure book (the link to listen is found at the end of the Money chapter). We like to let people know in case they are happy to listen online for free instead of download it for £5 from the shop. Ah, transparency and truth, don't you love it! :-)

DISCLAIMER: Do not use this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other nervous or psychiatric conditions. The information provided is not a substitute for financial advice or working with a qualified financial consultant to resolve any money issues. No guarantees can be made that you will make more money by using this meditation. It is offered as one possible way to improve your attitudes around money.