Emotional Freedom Guided Meditation

Emotional Freedom Guided Meditation


For getting peace with your emotions

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This 14-minute guided meditation is for cultivating the attitude required for experiencing peace with the full spectrum of your emotions. If you want to never feel 'negative' emotions and only feel 'positive' emotions, then this is not the meditation you are looking for. It is for people who are at a point in their personal development journey that want to heal their relationship with emotions. 

This is the key to emotional freedom because emotions become problematic if there is resistance to experiencing certain ones or any attachment to only experiencing the ones that we’ve been taught are positive. By healing your relationship with your emotions you are learning there is no need to try to fix, change or improve them. This comes from knowing you are not your temporary emotions, that emotions are not caused by the external life events that you believe are making you feel bad, but by feeling your thinking about life. That peace is not the absence of emotions but instead, peace is what the awareness that’s aware of all of your emotions feels like, and ultimately, the more emotions the better.

Do you have a copy of Sandy's Calm Cure book? This guided meditation is available to listen to free online (but not download) for anyone who purchases a copy of Sandy's Calm Cure book (the link to listen is found at the end of the Emotions chapter). We like to let people know in case they would prefer to listen online for free instead of download it for £5 from the shop. Ah, transparency and truth, don't you love it! :-)

DISCLAIMER: Do not use this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery, or if you suffer from epilepsy, clinical depression or any other nervous or psychiatric conditions. The information provided is not a substitute for working with a qualified counsellor or therapist. It is not to be used with the intention of making your emotions go away but to help improve your relationship with the full spectrum of emotions. If you want to change your emotions then this is not the meditation for you. But if you want emotional freedom - the willingness and ability to experience emotions fully - then it can work wonders.