Body Calm Online Course

Body Calm Online Course


The Powerful Meditation Technique that Helps Your Body Heal and Stay Healthy

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From the creator of the globally-used Mind Calm, comes the self-healing meditation technique that can help your body heal and stay healthy. 

The Body Calm online course gives you the understanding and instruction you need to enjoy the big benefits of Body Calm. This course covers the Body Calm philosophy, the 8 common causes of bad health, the Body Calm meditation technique, Embodying Exercise and the 5 Body Calm Directories listing the mind-based causes of issues relating to the body parts, organs, senses, 12 systems of the body and 50+ physical conditions. Consisting of 7 videos lasting between 60-120 minutes each, Sandy will give you a masterclass in the connection between your thoughts, emotions, body and soul and how to meditate using this enjoyable meditation technique.  If you are interested in mindfulness, reducing stress, self-healing and staying healthy then you will love it! 

Modules covered during this life-changing online course (for personal use) include: 

M1  Overview of Body Calm Philosophy, Techniques + Exercises / M2  Healing Unconscious Thinking + Uncomfortable Emotions / M3  Healing Unhealthy Beliefs  + Unresolved Past + Unwanted Present / M4  Healing Unloved Body + Unheard Heart + Unawake Being / M5  The Body Calm Meditation Technique + Group Calm Sitting / M6  Common Meditation Happenings + Optimum Mind-Set / M7  Embodying Exercise + Common Physical Conditions + Causes

Discover first-hand the power of the mind-body connection, heal the common mind-based causes of bad health and stay fit and healthy with Body Calm.