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The Top 12 Habits that Limit Love in Your Relationships

It is easy to fall into the trap of making relationship conflicts about the other person. What they said or didn’t say. What they did or didn’t do. What they meant or didn’t mean. But to be proactive about moving from conflict to connection, you’ll need to focus on cleaning up your side of the fence. Here are the top 10 habits that hinder loving relationships. If you find you are doing any of them, I recommend using the Calm Cure technique (shared in my Calm Cure book), to help heal them…

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Why Love Is Stronger Than Fear

Growing up I was petrified of public speaking. So much so that I faked being ill for an entire term at school because I was so scared of having to read out loud in English class.  Little did I know at the time that life has a wonderful sense of humour and would have me grow up to not only write books but also speak on stages around the world in-front of thousands of people… 

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