Why Love Is Stronger Than Fear


Growing up I was petrified of public speaking. So much so that I faked being ill for an entire term at school because I was so scared of having to read out loud in English class.  Little did I know at the time that life has a wonderful sense of humour and would have me grow up to not only write books but also speak on stages around the world in-front of thousands of people.  

For me to be able to do the work I do now, despite a conditioned fear of the written word and public presentations, I’ve had to make my purpose to serve others more important than my personal fears. 

Diving into meditation showed me that the peace that I was seeking for a couple decades was closer than my next breath and accessible now.  That my conscious awareness is already calm and by being aware of the present moment, through meditation, nothing needs fixed, changed or improved before I can experience peace.

Discovering this, I simply couldn’t stand by and watch so much people suffering in the world.  It became my purpose to remind as many people as possible that peace is possible – not later, but now. 

Quite accidentally, with the higher purpose of bringing more peace to the planet, my fears didn’t have as much power over me.  The old feelings occasionally show up when I’m faced with a book deadline or big speaking event.  However, as long as my purpose remains more important than my fear, I continue irrespective.

I believe it is no coincidence that having a purpose greater than personal gain and one that is grounded in service to others is key to my progress so far.  If it was all about ‘me’ and ‘my feelings’ then I believe I would’ve quit years ago.

Furthermore, I’ve discovered that my quickest path to personal freedom (and enlightenment) is through service to others.  That when I am fully engaged in service that my ego loses its power to prevent me from fulfilling my purpose.

Through your journey of spiritual awakening, you will notice a shift in your motives too. If you are living from the ego, life will tend to be self-centered and there can be a high degree of selfishness involved. This is largely down to being unaware of the inner presence of peace, love and joy and needing to control life so you can get these positive states from external sources.

Unaware of the perfection within, you can end up living in states of fear and separation that can drive you to ruthlessly do whatever it takes to improve things and feel better.

With force and without care or concern about the impact on others or the planet, without a service-orientated mindset you can end up pursuing materialistic purposes linked to external success and the accumulation of power, possessions and prestige.

Selfishness is replaced by selflessness as one awakens.  By engaging less in the ego-based concerns and conditioning and recognizing that we are all one within consciousness, your focus and actions come from an inner space of love and service. You become passionate about how you can bring peace, prosperity and positivity to the lives of others and the planet as a whole.

‘What can I get?’ changes to ‘What can I give and how can I be of service?’  I believe this desire to ‘pay it forward’ is one of the most beautiful by-products that come from having a discovering the peace within through meditation.