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CALMOLOGY consists of powerful principles and proven techniques that can transform your relationship with life for consistent inner calm, optimum health and genuine life success.

Calmology brings together the best of everything Sandy C. Newbigging has shared during more than a decade of clinical practice and the writing of six no.1 bestselling books. Based upon the premise that excessive-thinking and inner conflict are the causes of many physical, emotional and life problems and that self-awareness and inner calm sit at the heart of healing, happiness and positive living. 

Calmology goes beyond the old ' fix it' therapeutic approach - which can compound problems by justifying judgement and creating conflict - by offering a 'peace with' strategy for resolving issues and feeling great - physically and emotionally - and performing at your best during work and play. Using Calmology, you can wake up to wellness and wealth, be happier, and enjoy a truly successful life - one that you love.

The Calmology foundation course is a 'home study' online experience and available within Sandy's Calm Clan membership site. If you prefer to not be a member, then you can purchase the course independently.  To transform your relationship with life for the infinitely better, watch the video below and follow the links to begin today!


Within everyone is an awareness that is aware of every thought, emotion and life circumstance, whether they appear positive or negative. This awareness is always perfectly calm and well, making it the foundation to problem-free living. When you get peace with your own mind, you get peace with all aspects of your life. You stop fearing what life might bring and with a 'bring it on' attitude, you become a self-aware, loving and peaceful presence in the world. Do the 12-part Calmology foundation course to experience this amazing way to living for yourself.

CALMOLOGY integrates Sandy's popular Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Calm Cure and Body Calm principles and techniques into one super powerful methodology: 

Mind Calm quietens the mind and quickly moves you from stress to stillness by engaging the constant calm of self-awareness.

Calm Cure heals the hidden conflicts potentially causing physical conditions, emotional issues and life problems.

Mind Detox cleanses the mind from unresolved past events and unhealthy beliefs that are impacting peace and potential. 

Body Calm uses the mind-body connection for holistic harmony and gives the body the rest it needs to recover and be healthy.