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Sandy is the creator of the globally-used Mind Calm, Body Calm, Mind Detox and Calm Cure coaching and meditation teachings and techniques - collectively known as Calmology. 


Heal the Hidden Cause

Sandy is a specialist at discovering and resolving the hidden root-cause reason(s) for any issue you may be facing. Most of us are so busy trying to deal with, and treat, the symptoms of our issues that we never get around to finding and fixing the cause(s).

The most common mind-based causes are unhealthy beliefs, unresolved emotions and unconscious conflict. Sandy believes you can heal and achieve almost anything by detoxing your out-of -date beliefs and emotions and bringing calm to where there's been unrecognised conflict. 

Sandy's Mind Detox and Calm Cure techniques are specially designed to go deeper than surface level symptoms to heal these common mind-based causes of physical, emotional or life problems. Quite simply, if something negative is happening in your mind, body or life then Sandy can help you to find out why and resolve it, for good. 


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The logo represents the Infinite I (or infinite eye, i.e. awareness). Everything improves when you live a Self-Aware life.


Self Awareness = Peace with Life

Sandy's CALM teachings and techniques are for being Consciously Aware in Life with Meditation. This is so important because when you learn to think less by being consciously aware, you experience your Aware Self - that is calm, well and free - always. 

When we over-think we end up judging, resisting, attached and in the past or future. By being consciously aware, we are present and can experience 'peace with' anything. Meaning, you can remain calm - irrespective of what's happening in your mind, emotions, body, life and world. 

Ultimately, the 'goal' of meditation is to wake up. Waking up is to discover who you really are - the underlying ocean of still silent permanent peace. To go beyond the limitations of your thinking mind to fully embrace life as it is. Waking up is about experiencing the underlying nature of reality and knowing oneness with the source of life.