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In today's political world, policy is often given precedent over the person. With the primary focus on the finer details of specific issues like Brexit, national security, taxation, healthcare, immigration etc. I see very little airtime given to what matters most in a political leader i.e. the person at the heart and head of the party.

Watching the recent televised debate that aired in the UK on Channel 4 and Sky News, what stood out for me was the dogged desire for the interrupting  interviewer and even some audience members to either ask loaded questions, catch the candidates out or force them into giving exact numbers on things like immigration. Obviously, stats are useful and political policies are relevant, yet, most figures are guesstimates and policies often change - while the person making them tends to stay the same.

So if you want the country to be different to its current incarnation, then it makes sense therefore to vote for the person with the traits that are conducive to the kind of country you want. So what qualities do I look for in a potential political leader?

I want a political leader who is compassionate so kindness and the collective good is the context of their decisions.

I want a political leader who is consistent in their ideology and actions so they are trustworthy and predictable.

I want a political leader who is communicative and willing to work with others to find mutually beneficial agreements.

I want a political leader who is caring so everyone can more easily benefit from opportunities and resources.

I want a political leader who is courageous and doesn't change their mind to gain power or popularity. 

I want a political leader who is calm and always aims to find ways to coexist rather than be in conflict.

What qualities do you look for in a potential political leader? Now, you may notice that I've not mentioned any of the candidate names that will appear on your ballot paper. But here's the big question - Do you think you know who I'm talking about? If a person comes to mind and you want the similar kind of qualities in a political leader that I do, then I guess that means you know who to vote for at the next election.


Sandy is a modern-day monk, creator of Calmology and multi-bestselling author. His books include Mind Calm, Body Calm and the new Calm Cure: The Unexpected Way to Improve Your Health, Your Life and Your World.

Please like, share and comment below remembering this article is not inviting a political debate. Degrading comments about people or parties you don't support will be deleted. This article is an invitation to focus on the person rather than only on policy.