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Audio: NOW SPACE - Connect with the Inner Context of Calm

Why Listen? During a previous gift - the extract from the Mind Body Calm online retreat - I shared the Content-Context Model. It revealed that life consists of the content of stuff, sound and movement and the context of space, silence and stillness. Today's gift is a Mind Calm Game called Now Space. It offers a simple way to rediscover and reconnect with the permanent context of spaciousness. As you feel what you focus on, when you put your attention on the context of space, you immediately experience calm. Give it a go by following the audio instructions below - without over-thinking what I'm inviting you to do. Then, throughout today, play with noticing the Now Space whenever you are checking your phone, speaking with others, walking up the street... whenever you remember to do so. You may notice that every time you do that there is more calm, you are naturally more present and your day is improved as a result. Enjoy!

* Source: One of the Mind Calm Games available inside my Calm Community. Start your free trial if you're enjoying these gifts!


Audio may take a few seconds to start. We've heard from some people that the audio doesn't play on their device. We are sorry about this. It works on my laptop so I'm not sure why this is happening. To make up for it, I've made Day 6 available early so if you are having problems playing the audio track, I invite you to jump ahead to tomorrow's gift by CLICKING HERE.


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