15 DECEMBER 2017

Today's Gift 

Video: 'Do You Need To Step Up To Wake Up?'

Why Watch? This video offers a compassionate kick up the butt. Waking up is to be still, present and free. To go beyond the limitations of your thinking mind to fully love life - as it is. Waking up is to discover who you really are - the inner ocean of still silent permanent peace - that the mind will forever try to convince you does not exist. Waking up is about experiencing the underlying nature of reality and knowing oneness with the source of life. Waking up offers a multitude of rewards. However way too many people don't have the right attitude for waking up and as a result, come so close to living a joyful, free and love-filled life, but quit too soon. If you want to wake up you need to be a hero in your own life. You need to make your peace a number one priority and persist until you succeed. Everyone and everything benefits when you do. This video offers the invitation to do whatever it takes to achieve your hearts greatest desire.

* Source: Facebook Live on my Official Page.  Join my Calm Community to benefit from meditation and wake up to the best life.


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