21 DECEMBER 2017

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Today's Gift 

Video: FINANCIAL FREEDOM - Heal Your Relationship With Money

Why Read/Listen? By this point in the run up to Christmas there's a chance you've already spent money on gifts, extra food and drink and social engagements. Today's gift is a video of me sharing from the Money chapter of my Calm Cure book (recorded before the book came out in May). I also share a guided meditation for applying what you will learn. In short, financial freedom is not having 'loads-a-money', but being willing to experience the full spectrum of financial possibilities. With Calm Cure, you are invited to be secure without financial security, feel worthy without financial wealth and be free without the classical idea of financial freedom. Watch the video then play the guided meditation. Enjoy!

* Source: Inspired by the Money chapter of my Calm Cure book. To learn more please read the Calm Cure book, buy the Calm Cure Online Course from my SHOP and/or join the Calm Community to access the 8-part Calm Cure online course as a member bonus!


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