20 DECEMBER 2017

Today's Gift 

Video: CALM CURE - The Unexpected Way to Improve Anything

Why Read/Listen? Calmology consists of four core techniques - Mind Calm, Body Calm, Mind Detox and Calm Cure - that have the power to transform your relationship with life so that you can be clear, calm, well and free. Today's gift is a 70-minute video recording of an intro to the Calm Cure technique I did early this year before the release of the Calm Cure book. I share why conflict is the core of problems, awareness sits at the heart of healing and I provide an overview of the 3-step Calm Cure technique. Please note: the complete 8-part Calm Cure Online Course is now available inside my Calm 'Clan' Community - at no extra cost - so if you want to do the course you can start your free 30-day trial and access it immediately! 

* Source: This video offers an intro to Calm Cure. To learn more please read the Calm Cure book, buy the Calm Cure Online Course from my SHOP and/or join the Calm Community to access the 8-part Calm Cure online course as a member bonus!


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