19 DECEMBER 2017

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Article/Video: Heart Warming Relationships

Why Read/Listen? It's December 19th and soon many of us will be visiting our family for Christmas. Have you noticed some people have an amazing ability to press our buttons more than others, especially family members? Today I'm sharing an article called Heart Warming Relationships, which shares my top tips for moving from conflict to connection. I also share a powerful 5-minute meditation you can do daily to help heal relationships. For the best relationships, it is wise to first warm up your side of the fence before trying to fix, change or improve others - so they are more loveable. I highly recommend reading the article and using the meditation (also available HERE after today) to enjoy your time more around your friends and family this Christmas.

* Source: This article is inspired by the Relationships chapter in my Calm Cure book - available individually or as part of the Complete Calm Collection - in my online SHOP.


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