13 DECEMBER 2017

Today's Gift 


Why Read/Watch? As it's December 13th today, I'm inspired to share one of my most popular articles from 2017 - which shares 13 spiritual truths. Walking any spiritual path takes courage. There are several scary but true spiritual truths that anyone with a deep desire to 'wake up' will usually encounter along the way. But be warned, these truths are not for the faint-hearted or those only interested in dabbling in spirituality as some kind of hobby. They are also not for people that are content with only gathering ego-pleasing concepts on enlightenment. The ego may reject or dismiss these truths and provide convincing reasons for doing so, or they may inspire some pretty challenging questions or possibilities. But for those of us who are genuinely serious about self-awakening, they offer a helpful guide for knowing you are on track and doing the inner work required. 

* Source: The content of this Facebook live was inspired by my Halloween 2017 BLOG post.


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