18 DECEMBER 2017

Today's Gift 

Video: PEACE WITH PAST - 'Moving Forward with Freedom and Forgiveness'

Why Watch? This 30 minute video - from my Calmology Foundation online course - can help you to get peace with your past. Having used Mind Detox with countless coaching clients worldwide, I've been present when they've been making some of the biggest breakthroughs of their life. This has meant that I've been able to hear the big discoveries and 'aha moments' that they've had when getting peace with a wide range of challenging life events and experiences. In this video I share the most common learnings I've heard over the years and invite you to see how they change your perspective on what's happened in your past. I also share a powerful technique for 'installing the learnings' into your body-mind. You can't change what's happened, but you can stop it from negatively impacting your present and future. Forgive and be free.

* Source: Part 7 of the 12 part Calmology Foundation Online Course - available inside my Calm Community. Mind Detox is also taught in my book - Heal the Hidden Cause - available individually or as part of my Time Trilogy of books. If you would like additional help from me in getting peace with your past, book a Coaching Package.


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