17 DECEMBER 2017

Today's Gift 

Video: TIM FREKE INTERVIEW - 'The Mystery Of Being Born Human'

Why Watch? During this 30-minute video interview with philosopher Tim Freke, we invite you to become curious about the mystery of human life. As we go about our daily duties, it is all too common to become jaded and in doing so, miss the magic at the heart of human life. Tim talks about 'paralogical thinking' - which is understanding that life is fundamentally paradoxical. He shares that "everything is both 'this' and 'that' - simultaneously - and what brings life to life is to recognise and engage the full spectrum of life possibilities". You can be powerful and vulnerable at the same time. You can appreciate life and have challenging things going on - simultaneously. Watch this video to notice the mystery of life. With this attitude of wonder, life opens up and you become more joyful and excited about mystery of being born human.

* Source: One of several expert interviews available inside my Calm Community. If you want to learn more from Tim, he has also been a guest expert for one of our Calm Community monthly workshops. This video was recorded when releasing my THUNK! book - available individually or as part of my Time Trilogy of books.


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