10 DECEMBER 2017

Today's Gift 

Audio: BODY CALM SITTING - 14-minute Guided Meditation

Why Listen? Body Calm Meditation offers you an enjoyable way to meditate that gives your body rest, improves your mind-body connection communications and heals unhealthy beliefs. During this meditation, I guide you through the series of 10 Calm Thoughts - including I AM SECURE and I AM ENOUGH. You may notice I use the term GAAWO,  which is to be Gently Alert with your Awareness Wide Open. When you close your eyes to meditate with me today, aim to be gently alert with a forward and wide focus. It is recommended you consistently do 1-2 closed-eye 'Body Calm Sittings' daily for the best results. Listen to get a feel for the meditation technique and ideally, enjoy a couple 'Calm Sittings'.

* Source: From the Body Calm Meditations album. Available individually or as part of the Complete Calm Collection. Every month inside my Calm Community there are four Calm Gathering live broadcasts - so you can meditate along with me and my qualified Calm Coaches. If you start your free trial today, you can attend my Monthly Workshop that's happening today at 8pm GMT!


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