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Use this meditation every day during the rest of January!


This 10-minute guided meditation takes you through a powerful 'goal installation' technique. It works by having you both visualise and 'feelingise' what you would like to create. Combining both a clear intention with positive emotions is the key to manifesting  what you want and a core 'secret' to the law of attraction. 

INSTRUCTIONS : To use this technique, you need to first know the direction of your 'Time Line' - which is how you unconsciously store and relate to time. So without over-thinking it, if you had to point to your future, where would you most naturally point? Ahead? Right? Or some other direction in relation to your body? Trust your first answer, which is the most obvious answer to you. Once you've clarified the direction of your future timeline, decide what you would like to create in your life and press play to install the goal in your Time Line. It is recommended that you use this on one goal until it is achieved. For this challenge,  use it daily during the rest of January 2018. 

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