Three-and-a-Half Surprising Strategies for a Successful Year


Here are my three-and-a-half surprising strategies for enjoying a successful year.

1.0 - Simplify

Fun and fulfilment are near impossible if you continue to drive yourself so hard that you cannot enjoy what you have. The endless pursuit of possessions and prestige needs to end, leaving in its place a more simplified and humble life. So much time is taken up managing a complicated life that you can end up chasing your own tail. Complexity can end up burning out your body, busying your mind and suppressing your spirit.

The less you are possessed by possessions,the more peace and happiness you will personally possess.

Although much of my work is about improving your inner relationship with life, doing things to make your external life calmer is hugely beneficial. In essence, if you want peace on the inside, simplify your life on the outside. Seven simple ways to simplify are:

  • Buy less stuff.

  • Clear the clutter.

  • Downsize where possible.

  • Switch off the TV, phone, computer, tablet and all other electronic distractions for at least one hour every day.

  • Eat real food that is free from man-made extras.

  • Drink more water and fewer stimulants and alcohol.

  • Do absolutely nothing for a few minutes every day


These simple strategies add up to a calmer mind and body, leave space for your spirit to soar and new life success to enter. Taking time to do absolutely nothing for even a couple of minutes a day can be profound. Buying less stuff to fill the space, switching off technology and taking time to savour whomever you are with or whatever you are doing can be the key to connecting to the abundance that life has to offer.

It pays dividends to delete the unnecessary complexities and stimulations from your schedule. They all require time, attention and managing. Aim for quality not quantity.

2.0 - Stop

Rather than run faster in an attempt to achieve more, stop and be still more. When you are inwardly still you are calm, clear and here. You benefit from peace, clarity and present-moment-living. Care less about gathering more concepts and ideas about life and focus on being consciously aware and engaging this moment fully. When you are fully present you experience the presence of the present moment, which is still.

Without learning how to be present and still, you will remain one step removed from life and a truly successful life - one that you love - will forever remain out of reach.

If life feels like it's missing something, then it means you are missing the moment. Simple! Stop and be still. For the most wonderful life, you don’t need to ‘do anything’ except be fully attentive to now. Within you always is awakened awareness; abundant with love and liberation. It’s yours for the experiencing. All that’s required to inherit its riches is present moment awareness. The more 'clear and here' you are, the more you will find the fulfilment of inner still silent space and find yourself living your perfect purpose.


Life improves when you make peace your priority. Sandy’s Calm Clan includes online meditation classes, life masterclasses and mentoring. Join our ‘stillness movement’ today!


3.0 - Surrender

By 'surrender' I’m not referring to waving a white flag or giving up, but instead having the willingness and ability to let go and let life lead you. It is only in being willing to surrender any fixed preconceived ideas about how your mind, body and life should be, that you can fully embrace the joy and grace continuously flowing through every moment of existence.

You need to make being peace more important than being right and make being present more important than things going to your plan for the future. If something unexpected or ‘bad’ happens, then deal with it gracefully and without any rejection of reality. Wishing things hadn’t happened only attaches you to a past that cannot be changed, while pushing back at life only tires you out and puts your peace and prosperity on hold.

Resisting reality doesn’t change reality; it only makes you stressed and causes unnecessary suffering. Why reject life? Isn’t it more appealing to surrender to what is, let things be, as they are, and with a calm mind and courageous heart, take whatever action is required? You can resist what is or you can let the universe give you what you need to wake up to ever-increasing levels of inner peace, joy, love and freedom.

3.5 - Welcome the Unexpected

How do you find and live your life purpose? Stop pushing your purpose away! Your purpose is always being presented to you, but most people are too busy pushing their purpose away because their life isn't looking like how they think it should. To resist life is to push away magic, miracles and your purpose. Everything that happens is your purpose and if you welcome whatever is happening then you will find and live your purpose.

Assume whatever is happening in your life right now is your purpose.

The universe in which we play is abundant. It is trying to give to you. Always. There isn’t a moment when what you need isn’t given to you freely. Remain open to unexpected things showing up. If you welcome life, you will soon find yourself walking your perfect path. I promise. For you to get to where you need to be you must be willing to let life take you to places that you might think you don’t want to go. Go with the flow by welcoming unexpected events with a wide open mind and heart. Be willing to receive a helping hand from the universe in ways that you least expect. Be expectant of unforeseen miracles.

These are my strategies for this year - simplify, stop and surrender. I urge you to play with them too, if you want serenity and success. Allowing reality to show up in all its glorious and unexpected ways is so much more fun. You have front-row seats at this phenomenal event called your life. Simplify, stop and surrender and I guarantee that you will enjoy big benefits and see with your own awakened eyes that the secret to success is stillness.

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Sandy C. Newbigging is a bestselling author, meditation and mind-body connection expert, monk and creator of Calmology. His books include Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and most recently, Mind Detox: Discover and Resolve the Root Causes of Chronic Conditions and Persistent Problems. Join his Calm Clan for online meditation classes, life masterclasses and mentoring.


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