Courage to Choose Your Most Successful Life


Originally from Scotland and after several years living in different cities around England, I recently made the move to Spain. It was a decision that didn’t make complete financial sense but one that has enriched my heart (and actually worked out great in business and life!). I’ve had a number of these choice points in my life that have defied logic and required courage. In retrospect, I’m always so glad that I listened to my heart instead of my head...

Examples of choice points include: The day I quit my last job (15+ years ago) to venture out on my own - despite my boss at the time saying I was too young and would fail. The time I wrote and self-published my first book - when my mind was telling me I couldn’t because of being told I had dyslexia at school. The time I spent most of the money I had to head off for months on end to close my eyes and become a meditation teacher...

The Courage to Choose…

If your heart speaks then I urge you to not just listen but follow it... to the ends of the earth and beyond. The path reveals itself when you start walking. Rarely before. You won’t necessarily know how you’re going to get ‘there’ or where you’re going to end up. It doesn’t matter. It’s not necessary. What’s important is that when your heart points you in the direction of your own true north - you start walking and you will soon find yourself flying. 

I’ve come to the point where I see it actually takes more courage to stay in a life that I don’t love. It’s easier to follow your heart. It’s much easier than ignoring it’s cries for more or different. Staying in a life that doesn’t bring you joy takes effort and over time becomes increasingly uncomfortable. Like wearing a pair of shoes that have become too small, it’s hard to keep walking on a path that is no longer yours.

Your hearts wants heard and will do everything it can to make sure you listen. What is your heart saying to you now? What in your life no longer serves you? What do you need to let go of in order to claim the life you really truly want? Here’s some tips for choosing the most successful life:

1) Listen to your heart more than your head.

Your head will want to know ‘how’ you can do it and consider ‘what if’ scenarios. You head wants to know the strategy in advance. Your head will also often give you a long list of all the reasons why it’s probably not possible or why you will most likely fail. Your heart on the other hand has a completely different focus. Instead of ‘how’ and ‘what if’s’, your heart focuses mainly on ‘what’ and ‘why’ i.e. what you want and why you want it. This focus tends to cause more positive emotions. So you know you’re listening more to your heart when the you are excited and filled with energy when focusing on what you want and why you want it.

2) Be comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

Venturing into the unknown can often bring up energy that many shy away from. I believe this energy is actually very positive; rising up to help you to make the change, say what needs said and do what needs done. But it can be an intense energy and often mislabelled as fear, angst or anxiety. You need to be willing to feel it. Let go of the labels you associate with the energy and aim to cultivate the ability to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable sometimes, especially when venturing into the new and unknown. Breathe into the energy, feel it fully, stay present and aware and harness the power of the energy it to take action.

3) Ignore people who aren’t following their heart.

When you venue out towards a different kind of life, other people will sometimes try to talk you out of it. This is usually because your adventure makes them feel uneasy about their lack of willing to step out of their own comfort zone. In times like these you are basically highlighting their compromised life and that can be uncomfortable for them to look at. They will believe they are just trying to help and protect you, but be discerning when it comes to listening to their advice. 15 years ago my boss tried to talk me out of going it alone because I was ‘too young’. If I had listened, I wouldn’t have 12 books under my belt before age 40 and I don’t think my message would have reached around the world.

For the courage to choose your most successful life, F**k aiming to only survive or be a success in the eyes of the ego. Focus on doing whatever it takes for you to feel fully alive!