Why I Love What I Do + How You Can Too


I was working with a coaching client today who recently left their job and is setting up their own business. She was asking about how to get clear on what she wants to do and my response was simply to get clear on what she really cares about right now.

I care about as many people as possible on this planet experiencing peace. I'm passionate about doing everything I can to reduce suffering and increase the happiness of humanity. I'm also committed to oneness and doing my bit to bring more love into the world.

Every morning I wake up, I make my day about this. How can I bring more peace, happiness and love to the planet?  Yes, it may sound like a rather grandiose daily intention, but it's what drives me because I care about it. Deeply. 


What do you care about? So much so that you would do it every day, if you could, even if it didn't bring in any financial benefit. Obviously, we all have responsibilities and money is part of the game of being human. But in my experience, by approaching life in this way, the abundance takes care of itself. Quite simply because if you care about it and do it as much as possible, you will end up very good at it and provide value to the lives of others.

"I have listened to the 10 Teachings online course at least twice and am currently reading the [New Beginnings] book. It is liberating to let go of my worries about the future and my judgments on the past. I feel ridiculously happy and peaceful with the present, regardless of what is going on. You are truly inspirational Sandy and I can't thank you enough for giving me back my NOW!"

Wow! I get messages like this almost every day and it's one of the reasons why I love what I do. If you haven't done my 10 Teachings online course yet, it's just one of the courses available to members of my Calm Clan.

Do whatever you can to spend your days doing what you care about deeply. It is a great way to discover and develop your gifts and live with positivity and purpose.




I teach meditation + heal the hidden causes of health + life issues. I also write books, run an online community + academy, travel + ride motorbikes.

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