How to be Financially Free : Video


In this video I talk about how you can experience true financial freedom with the right attitude and relationship with money. My strategy for financial freedom may not be what you think, so check out this video to find out how you can be free without working harder...

Money: the root of all kinds of evil or a route to enlightenment and personal freedom? With the right attitude and relationship with money, I believe it’s the latter. If we define money in terms of physical currencies such as bank notes, coins and cash deposited in bank accounts, there’s currently around $80 trillion kicking about. Whereas if we include other forms of nonphysical money – including digital currency Bitcoin and funds invested in financial products like derivatives – then the total runs into the quadrillions (that’s 15 zeros!).6 This means that money is both a physical and a nonphysical entity. The reason I raise this is that the nature of money is very relevant to how we relate to it. We all have an objective (physical/outer) and a subjective (nonphysical/inner) experience of money. Said slightly differently, we have the objective reality of how much money we physically possess and a subjective inner experience of how it feels to have that amount of money.

Collectively, we have come to rely upon money to define our inner sense of self and to feel safe, secure, valuable and free. This strategy will never work because if we seek these subjective (inner) experiences from outside means, then they will forever be dependent on fluctuating financial conditions. This dependency on money again creates conflict, so it therefore pays dividends to invest in improving our subjective inner relationship with money – if we want our financial experience to improve. In short, millions of people have made money way too important and a rebalancing of power is needed to return to a more sane and serene coexistence with it.


Sandy is a modern-day monk, creator of Calmology and multi-bestselling author. His books include Mind Calm, Body Calm and the new Calm Cure: The Unexpected Way to Improve Your Health, Your Life and Your World.

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