What Makes for a Successful Life?


"A successful life is one that is loved be the person living it."

My publisher Hay House posted the above quote on their Facebook page the other day and it's quickly clocked up over 9000 likes and 3500 shares! It's so great to see this quote resonate with so many people because I truly believe a successful life is one that is loved by the person living it.

Let's say there are two people - one has lots of money, lives in a big house, drives fancy cars and lives a five star lifestyle, BUT they are anxious, unhappy and unsatisfied with their life. Compare this to someone who may not have as much, but is calm, contented and loves their life. Who would you say is more 'successful'. In my opinion, the person loving their life. The great news is that it costs nothing to love your life. The key is to judge less and let 'what is' be enough, exactly as it is.

To play with what I call 'Courageous Contentment', play the following game (taken from the upcoming Body Calm book). If you ever find yourself out of love with your life or feeling discontentment because you haven't got something you think you need to be happy, then take a moment to think to yourself or say aloud: 'I can want this without needing it'.

Pause for a few moments taking on board the sentiments of the statement before considering what your inner experience of life is like when you let this moment be enough, exactly as it is. If you do, you may notice there will be more calm, contentment and completeness within you, along with a greater sense of love and appreciation for the many gifts the present moment is always giving.

Please let me know how you get on using this Courageous Contentment game by commenting below. Thanks and enjoy! S:-)