Want It Give It: The Fast Track to Success


When you throw a pebble into a pond, the ripples go out for a while until they reach the shore ... at which point they come back, multiplied in both size and quantity. The same is true for when you give in life. The more you give, the more you receive. It may seem an odd concept – to give away what you want – but you get more of what you want by giving more of what you have away.

People can live their lives by 'what comes around goes around' – by not giving until they receive. For instance, they postpone doing their best at their job until they get paid more. Or they don’t show love towards other people until other people show love towards them. However, this is an ineffective strategy. By holding on to what you’ve got, you have no room for more to flow into your life. You end up holding back the natural flow of the universe. But if you live with a more 'what goes around comes around' attitude, by giving what you want, then you will end up enjoying a far more abundant and fulfilling life.

Decide what you want and find ways to give it away!

Feeling unsatisfied with parts of your life usually means you aren’t giving away what you want in these areas of your life. If you want affection, give your affection. If you want encouragement, give encouragement. If you want money, then share some of yours. It’s as simple as that. What you give will tend to come back. It is all about the flow of giving and receiving. And remember, giving in order to receive is not giving. It’s about giving without concern for getting, in the knowledge that you can afford to give it away because the universe is infinite and the universe exists within you.