The Universal Impact Of Beliefs


What kind of world do you see? What emotions do you regularly feel and how to you tend to behave? If you ever want to know what’s going on in the hidden territories of your mind, then you need look no further than what’s regularly happening in your body, emotions and life... 

During countless Mind Detox consultations I’ve witnessed the universal impact of beliefs. Individually, beliefs can create vitality or disease, encourage emotional well-being or stress-infused struggle, massive positive action or destructive behaviours, financial abundance or lack, relationship bliss or ruin… with the list long and the impact truly epic.

On a global scale, toxic beliefs play a big role in allowing starvation to exist in a world full of food. The endless stream of wars – as nations and religions fight over differences of opinion, the preservation of what they believe is ‘right’ and opt to make the ownership of land, resources and the selling of arms more important than human life. While toxic beliefs also incite the potentially irreversible environmental harm happening to our dear mother earth, as individuals running big corporations place profits as more important than the hurt they are doing to the planet or its people.

Beliefs are determining the decisions made and the actions being taken each and every day. In a similar way that your life success is suppressed or supported by what you believe as right, true and possible for you. The state of the world is an external manifestation of the most commonly-shared beliefs held within the collective mind. To change your life and the world, therefore, we must be willing to look within our own hearts and minds.

This need not be a pressure or an opportunity to be hard on yourself. Quite the contrary. It is an invitation to embrace your inborn power to transform that which is not congruent with what your heart knows to be right. So what kind of world do you want to see? How do you want to feel and behave and what kind of world do you want to live in? As temporary guardian of a magnificent body, mind, life and world, I believe that if we make it a priority to change our beliefs, then the choice can be ours.