Why Resistance is Futile and the Fast Way to Fail


To resist life is to resist your quickest route to success. The moment you stop resisting what is and start accepting the moment you’re in, all your perceived problems instantly start helping you.

Everything that happens each day does so to help you move towards and create the life you want. Granted, this is not always obvious at first glance! But if you suspend judgement for long enough, you will see how miraculous life always is. Remain open-minded and you can discover that every life event is a signpost pointing you in the direction of what you need to learn to love in order to experience your heart’s greatest desire.

To resist what happens is to resist the very things that you need in order to get what you want!

Good or bad, who knows?

Once upon a time there was an old wise man who owned a lovely horse. Then one day, out of the blue, his horse broke free and ran away. A neighbour who heard what happened said: “That is terrible news that your only horse ran away.” However, the wise man replied, “Good or bad, who knows!”

Miraculously a week later the man’s horse returned, bringing with it ten wild stallions. Witnessing the spectacular scene, the neighbour said, “That’s great news that you now have ten new stal- lions.” To which the wise man replied, “Good or bad, who knows!”

A few days later the son of the wise man was out training one of the new stallions when he was thrown off, landed badly and broke his leg. The concerned neighbour said, “That’s terrible news that your son broke his leg.”The wise man responded just as he had before, saying, “Good or bad, who knows!”

Two more weeks past and then the army came to town, enroll- ing all the young men to go fight in the war. The son couldn’t fight because of his leg. And yes, you guessed it, the wise man had the same open-minded response: “Good or bad, who knows!”

I love this parable because it so beautifully illustrates what this part of the book is all about. When things happen in life you never know for certain at the time if they are good or bad. And if you are patient, you will more often than not appreciate when look- ing back on events that they were the best possible things to hap- pen. Or put a different way, miracles are always happening, even if at the time we don’t always recognize them as such.

“Sometimes not getting what you think you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” — DALAI LAMA

Acceptance speeds up your evolution

If life must only happen how you think it should, then you limit life from being any other way. Evolution needs you to be open to be things you’ve never been, know things you’ve never known and do things you’ve never done. Resisting what’s happening because it doesn’t match what you think should happen holds on to the past and fears the future; the unexpected. Evolution loves the moment you’re in and embraces the unexpected. Accepting life in whatever direction it flows enables you to grow, explore and deal with events as they happen, efficiently, effectively and effortlessly.

Let the loving hand of the universe guide you to embrace your evolution.