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Third Time Lucky?

The Third Edition

I CANNOT WRITE. I am going to let people down. I first wrote about Mind Detox in my fifth book, Peace for Life, which I self-published in 2011. Despite having already worked with publishers, I opted to self-publish at the time to maintain editorial control because I felt my voice had been edited out of my previous two books. But not long after Peace for Life was released, Findhorn Press asked me to write three books with them and I felt encouraged, as they were keen to keep them as close to my original manuscripts as possible.

Having heard about the power of Mind Detox and with a genuine desire to help it to get out to a larger audience, they asked that one of the trilogy was about the method. So we wrote and published Heal the Hidden Cause in 2013. I thought that was the end of the story, but in the spirit of much of what’s shared within this book: life doesn’t always happen how we think it will.

In late 2017, I was contacted again by Findhorn Press to tell me that they had merged with another publisher, and would I like to take it as an opportunity to write a second edition. I said yes, but in that moment also had the immediate intuitive hit that it was time to call it Mind Detox. They agreed and here it is, for you, but not without a few unexpected challenges along the way.

As it is my twelfth published book, I wanted Mind Detox to be like none other I’ve written. Soon after agreeing to write about the method for a third time, I had the scary realization that, to do the method justice and to offer something new, it was time to include personal stories that I’d never been brave enough to tell before.

You see, I’ve been there and got the torn t-shirt to prove it. I’m not preaching from the sidelines as I’ve detoxed my own mind, a lot. I’ve been super-low, super-anxious, super-sick, and felt super-stuck and unsuccessful. I’ve been in dark places during my life and got dirty in the pit, but I’ve also been lucky enough to have ways to get out of the other side; more cleansed, healed and happier than ever.

I’m also much more aware these days about the power of storytelling. Stories relax us, soothe us and open our hearts and minds to new possibilities and experiences. Stories are, as a result, an incredible tool for making positive changes to our inner and outer worlds. By watching, listening to or reading stories, deep parts of us, which we may not be aware of ever existing, are accessed and can be changed for the better. I hope that, by sharing stories about my “private” life and Mind Detox work, it helps you with yours.

Has it been easy to be so honest? No. As I sat down to write this book I discovered something about myself that I had been living unaware of for many years. Quite innocently, I’d been presenting only my best image to the world. I’d been representing myself as a guy who’s always had all of his shit together. And to a large extent, I really do live with a great amount of peace, joy and laughter and I have enjoyed success in what I do.

However, there have also been some parts of me that I’ve withheld and kept a secret. Parts that I did not love, and so I would, without realizing, fail to show them to anyone, in fear that they didn’t love these parts of me too.

This undercover reluctance to share all parts of myself meant I experienced writer’s block for the first time in my entire book-writing career. Then, after a few months of artfully avoiding sitting down to write, I ended up down to the last four weeks before the most recent, absolutely final, deadline. Sitting at my laptop, I decided to open up Facebook to delay the inevitable a little longer. At the top of my newsfeed was a lovely picture of a mentoring client of mine; all smiles, holding her baby.

Why is this relevant, and how did seeing the picture help me to overcome the writer’s block and get the book done on time? The client originally wanted to work with me because she was single, childless, turning 40 and believed she would never meet anyone, let alone have a family. So we did Mind Detox over a few mentoring sessions to discover and resolve the possible causes of her relationship difficulties. When I saw her picture on Facebook, I hadn’t heard f rom her in over a year since our last meeting.

Looking at her beaming face, with her newborn child in her arms and loving partner nearby, reawakened something inside me. I remembered why I do this work – to improve lives and help the world to be a happier, kinder and more peaceful place. It reminded me to not play small; to make my purpose more important than any false fears. It also reminded me that she is one of thousands of lives that have become better by using Mind Detox. It motivated me to take a big deep breath, be ruthlessly real and do whatever it takes to get this method into as many hands and hearts as possible, so that anyone can learn how to turn their difficulties into the life of their dreams.

Sandy C. Newbigging, January 2019  

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