Join me for a 5-part Mind Detox Masterclass webinar series based upon my brand new book. I will cover everything you need to know to use and benefit from the proven and powerful Mind Detox Method.

The Mind Detox Masterclass is based upon my brand new book - MIND DETOX. Including my newest insights from using Mind Detox, along with many - never shared before - personal stories of how I’ve used Mind Detox in my own life to heal the hidden causes of anxiety, an eating disorder, insomnia, relationship issues and improve his personal impact and success.

Sandy’s simple 5-step system proves that by making peace with the past, your body becomes more able to heal. And by clearing toxic beliefs you are empowered to use your newly cleansed mind to achieve brilliant success in all areas of life.

The best news is it’s easier than you may think. It doesn’t take years of therapy, but can provide changes in the time it takes to read the book and use the method a few times.

People from around the world have seen skin conditions clear up, chronic pain vanish and digestive disorders disappear, along with heightened levels of happiness, wealth and well-being.



The live broadcasts are accessible from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer or handheld device and an internet connection. We will email you the web links you need to click on at the following times when we will be covering these topics: 

19 March @ 20:00 GMT - The Mindset Part 1

21 March @ 20:00 GMT - The Mindset Part 2

26 March @ 20:00 GMT - The Method Part 1

28 March @ 20:00 GMT - The Method Part 2

9 April @ 20:00 GMT - Group Mentoring Session

We will email you  the links you need in order to join the live broadcasts before the 12th March 2019. You will also be able to download the Mind Detox Manual that supports this course and the recordings of the broadcasts - both video and audio - will be made available if you can't attend live.


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